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This wikia was created to help the gaming community from all genres come together to share or create game concepts and ideas! I feel that games these days are lacking creativity and need some new life injected into it. Hopefully this wikia will help game developers everywhere looking for some inspiration find what they are looking for! All concepts and ideas are open for discussion and constructive criticism to refine the concept or idea. I encourage you to post any and all concepts and ideas no matter how dumb they are, all thoughts can be made into a reality by simply posting your opinion. Oh, and please have fun and enjoy your freedom of speech!

Yours truly: AnarchicParagon (talk) 08:45, August 29, 2015 (UTC)

Wikia Rules

Like any decent wikia or web page, I would like to keep out the riff raff and trolls from messing up everything by causing drama, rumors, and rage. Hopefully there won't be many people like that on this wikia and we can continue on with our lives. I know the rules I put up are common sense but this is just to make it official.

1: No Trolling [LITTLE TOLERANCE] (as long as it does not get out of hand and not to be confused with a joke)

2: No Cyber Bullying [NO TOLERANCE!!!]

3: No Denouncing of other Users [NO TOLERANCE!!!]

4: No Sexual Harassment [NO TOLERANCE!!!]

More rules will be added if necessary. Hopefully not...

Just remember to be original and have fun!

Random Video Game Related Photos

Mabe you can find some inspiration in these random photos...

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